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  • Overcoming Addiction: How Loved Ones Can Help
    For decades, individuals suffering from addiction have traveled the same route toward recovery with some measure of success. That route entailed combining a recovery program, such as AA, with therapy. The Read more
  • Recovering from Addiction: Where & How to Reach Out for Help
    When it comes to addiction, there’s one thing that all addicts have in common: at some point, they realize that their life is headed down a path they don’t want Read more
  • The Addicted Anesthesiologist
    The following story has been edited to protect the identity of the doctor who lived it I am an anesthesiologist who initially became addicted to Fentanyl in 1993. It was a Read more
  • The Doctor Who Drank Too Much
    I am a physician, licensed in California.  I am also an alcoholic.  Anyone with a drinking problem can offer a rationale for their behavior.  “I’m under a lot of stress.” Read more

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